Relationship advice based on experience.

  • There’s the honeymoon phase. It is that first month into a relationship.You’re going to love this phase but it doesn’t last forever. It’ll eventually end. So don’t expect your relationship to stay in the honeymoon phase forever.
  • Like any relationship there will most likely be arguments and fights. My relationship had fights and even break ups but if you’re willing to work things out because you still love each other then it’s well worth it to keep that person.
  • Sometimes you’ll get bored of seeing your partner. It’s the same with anyone you see a lot. Try to spice things up. Travel together, go to new places, have a spontaneous adventure. 
  • When paying for lunch or dinner if you guys have the funds paying for each other is okay. Just remember to take turns paying so that it doesn’t feel like one person is doing all the paying. Try to make everything 50/50.
  • There obviously will be jealously in a relationship. It’s best to tell your partner and explain to them why you’re jealous instead of hiding it and letting it rot your insides. 
  • If something is bothering you in anyway tell your partner! Don’t hide it and have it blow up later on. I’m totally guilty for this. 
  • Give each other freedom. You don’t want to be the person that’s holding your partner down from doing stuff like hang with his/her friends. 
  • It’s okay to not talk to each other for a day! Don’t make it a big deal. Everyone has things to do so one day of not talking to you won’t kill you. If you’re clingy try to stray away from that a bit. Some people don’t mind clingy but there are a lot more people that don’t like someone being too clingy. 
  • Don’t rely on your partner too much. Try to continue to hang out with your friends too. Hanging with your partner all the time will result in dependence which isn’t good if you break up. 

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I like the title of being a gentlemen. I open doors for girls and politely hold it open for other girls to walk in. Even though I like the title of being a gentlemen it’s not even about being a gentlemen. It’s more of being polite and showing people that there are nice people in this world. If someone dropped their books I would kindly help them pick it up. It just makes me happy to help someone even for something that small. I, for one, will not be that douche bag that walks away from someone that needs help.

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Poem about Love

Love at first sight happens all the time,

but then you try to get to know them you wish they were kind,

after years of knowing each other you say you know each other well,

a love so strong you wish it’ll never fail,

but some love will end but some will continue on,

because some love were weak to begin with and some were really strong,

so make sure you appreciate any love that you get,

cause love is hard to come by it comes and goes like a jumbo jet.

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My friends envy me. I do well on exams even though I studied the bare minimum because when they see me at school I don’t review with them, I don’t study more, I just stand and watch them study. What they don’t know is my bare minimum of studying consist of 2-3 days for each exam. By the time it’s exam day I’m prepared so I don’t want to cram more information in my brain. I’m also more of a visual learner. I watch my friends study and I remember by just what I see. I even remember the location of where the information was on the paper or powerpoint. They shouldn’t envy me because I “don’t study” on the day of the final. I just don’t study cause I’m prepared to take the exam after 2-3 days of studying. 

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It’s actually really hard to click with everyone. There are certain people that you just can’t click with and sometimes it sucks cause you actually want to be their friend. But when you find someone that you actually click with you immediately feel like you were long lost friends and it’s just a spectacular feeling to have. You instantly want to call them your best friend but can’t because you haven’t known each other long enough but feel that way because you guys get along so well. These friendship clicks are really hard to come by so do whatever it takes to keep the friendship going.

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Before you date…

Before actually thinking of being in a relationship with someone think about this for a moment. Are you willing to be there for him/her in times of need? Are you going to enjoy every moment with him/her? Are you willing to make sacrifices for him/her like lose sleep to talk to him/her at night? Are you going to put an effort to make your partner happy everyday? Are you willing to break walls and build bridges towards her/his heart and repair her/his heart from the injury of pass relationships? There’s a lot of time and effort in building a relationship and if these questions are questionable to you then maybe you shouldn’t even think about being in a relationship with that person. 

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