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Anonymous asked: did you ever stop to think that it was ur fault that quan broke up with you ?

Honestly I don’t care anymore. He’s the one that said this relationship is getting “stagnant” for the second time now. I’m the one that likes to go out and do something like hike, go to the aquarium, and random places. He likes to stay home and do nothing.

I am so going to Rage after finals.

Anonymous asked: how you coping?

Talking to as many friends as possible and going out.

Anonymous asked: u and that quan guy broke up ??? O:

Sadly yes

Anonymous asked: y so sad Danny?

Going through a break up isn’t easy.



the next time you think you’re lonely, just remember you have about 25 billion white blood cells in your body protecting your sorry little ass with their life. you have 25 billion friends who would die for you. no need for tears.

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I feel so empty inside. It’s like there’s a big part of me missing.

Anonymous asked: i'm here for you babe :0]

Uhh thank yous 0.0




White people be like ..

that nae nae


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